Little ibex meets the locals – local animals, that is

Traveling the world always means making new acquaintances. So little ibex went out to meet animals she has never met before. First she goes snorkeling and meets a whole stingray family. Well, it is actually only females (they are significantly larger than males).

Back on land she makes a trip to large turtles. Even though they are not fast animals, when you stand around watching them, they suddenly run up to you – or so it feels. Just the little ones are too small to walk far.

Her friends on Weyve have been visited by an iguana. The boat was at anchor and the iguana swam over to say high. Nice little fellow.

Just to round the list of acquaintances up, little ibex visits a donkey sanctuary with more than 150 donkeys. All in all, so far it was a very interesting time on Antigua.