little ibex travels through Croatia

Little ibex just learnt that having your boat on the mooring buoy is just as safe as the knot you tie to attach it to the buoy. Something must have gone wrong on the neighboring boat as it suddenly drifts unattended through the field. In the end it was rescued by a courageous dinghy driver who brought the boat back to its mooring.

The anchor bay at Jakljan is the perfect place to do minor maintenance repair

well equipped to do gelcoat repairs

A small gelcoat scratch on the stern on the boat is quickly repaired, then outside screws are replaced with stainless steel onces and the mounting of the WIFI antenna is finalized. So the blog entries can continue…

little ibex rescued an air mattress

Before we arrived in Dubrovnik today, little ibex rescued an air mattress from the open sea – a good practice of a man-over-bord procedure. Now she is ready to cross the Adriatic Sea.

little ibex measuring the distance to Bari

Dubrovnik – Bari will be the first crossing of a Sea for little ibex. And it will be the first passage at night. So good preparation is essential to sail the 109 nautical miles from Croatia to Italy. The weather forecast predicts light wind during the day and calm sea at night. Will there be many ships that cross little ibex’ path or maybe even any dolphins to watch?