Self- and Boatcare in Cartagena

After each longer passage boat and personal maintenance is needed. This time little ibex spends some time to do laundry – very mundane, but necessary.

Preparation for the next passage is also needed. First a new fruit net is added below deck. It can also serve as a swing for little ibex. It is easy to ride the fruit net, but quite hard to ignore the bottle of wine behind her. So time to move on an to check the color of the storm sails. How do you like them? Easy to spot them, right?

Now that the work part is completed, it is time to explore Cartagena, Spain. Most impressive is the Roman Theatre which was build BC. It is located in the middle of the town and could fit 6,000 spectators. Little ibex wonders how it is possible that it was only discovered in 1988.

Note: while Cartagena is normally buzzling with cruise ship tourists, this year streets and bars are almost deserted.