Gibraltar – the first milestone in little ibex’ voyage

Little ibex almost made it. THE rock is coming closer just shortly after morning broke. Who would have guessed that a little ibex from Austria will make it within 6 weeks from the Northern Adriatic to the entry/exit of the Mediterranean Sea? But now some concentration is needed. Why are there so many boats? Seems like some collision avoidance tactics are needed before she can relax in the marina.

The boat is in good shape, so let’s play and go for some sightseeing in Gibraltar. Little ibex does a hike on the rock and finds some small friends to play with. Life can hardly be any better.

It is time to move on to the Canary Islands. If only the weather window would open to go through the Strait of Gibraltar. Currently it is quite windy. Good that fellow Austrian’s are on the same pier who she can spend time with. Conny, Mathias, Leona and Emilia from Salzburg are travelling on Inaya, their Sun Odyssey 37 and are also on their way to the Canary Islands. Check out their blog: