little ibex explores the Cape Verde islands

The marina in Mindelo is the prefect stop-over location on the way to the Caribbean. The ARC+ fleet stays there with all 25 boats. The pontoon is bustling with life and the crews enjoy listening to different artists in the floating bar at the marina.

São Vicente is one of the northern islands within the Cape Verde archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, off the west African coast. Although it has not rained for 4 (!) years crops are cultivated in this scarce environment. In the mountains water is gathered from fog with large nets to give at least some water to the crops.

Little ibex takes the ferry to Santo Antão. On board a truck which barely fits on the ferry. Streets on these islands are made mainly from cobblestone. They give a truly special atmosphere, especially together with the colorful houses.

Santo Antão is quite different compared to São Vicente as it does receive a good portion of rain due to its high mountains. Hence the center of the island is green and lush. Very much to little ibex’ liking. Bananas, mangos, oranges, sugarcane and many other crops grow here.

And finally, there are the markets. Fish in abundance and a great selection of fruits and vegetables coming mainly from Santo Antão.