little ibex won leg 1 of the ARC+ and is about to start on leg 2 to the Caribbean

It is unbelievable, but little ibex won the first leg of the ARC+ from Las Palmas to Mindelo. This was really unexpected. But the Sunbeam 42.1 is a fast boat and the parasail gave her the needed competitive edge to beat quite some larger boats. She has to admit that she is a little bit proud. You can find pictures of the official prizegiving ceremony at the World Cruising Club page.

On 20 November at 1100 UTC leg 2 of the ARC+ was supposed to start. In order to get into St Lucia, negative Covid test results from Mindelo are needed. But there was a hick-up with the samples, hence the results are not available in time and the start of leg 2 was delayed, and delayed, and delayed.

Finally, test results are supposed to come today on 23 November and the start is expected at 1500 UTC. Then little ibex will cross the starting line in Mindelo and head straight to St Lucia. As before, you can see her position on the ARC fleet viewer. Keep your fingers crossed that she will have a smooth passage.