little ibex sailed 883 nautical miles from Las Palmas to Mindelo

Just shortly after 1300 UTC on 8 November little ibex crossed the starting line for the ARC+ from Las Palmas to Mindelo, Cap Verde. With her, 24 other boats were eager to get started after a lot of thought went into preparations. More than 850 nautical miles were ahead of her and as you can see, it was a little bit crowded at the beginning.

But the field started to spread out and when she reached the half-way point there were not that many boats in sight. At this point she was not yet aware that most boats where actually behind her. She just flew her parasail and enjoyed the ride. She couldn’t wait to get further south were warm clothing was not needed anymore.

Daily routines on board included weather routing and checking the moving boat parts for wear. Especially lines can be very prone to constant chafing. Then there were some dolphins. Can you find them in the picture below?

And finally, on 14 November at 0712 UTC, in the midst of dawn little ibex crossed the finish line in Mindelo as 2nd monohull. She has sailed 883.54 nautical miles, thereof only the last 8 nm under engine (there was really no wind left). Now she is very happy that she has arrived safely without injuries or damage to the boat.