Little ibex is focusing on boat maintenance work

Though a large part about traveling on a boat is about sailing, beaches, and sundowners, it seems an even larger part is about boat maintenance, cleaning and sometimes even repairs. While on anchorage in Falmouth Bay, Antigua, little ibex is doing engine maintenance. After reading the handbook carefully she first changes the engine oil and the oil filter. Step number 2 are all fuel filters and a check if there is any water in the fuel (there is not). And lastly, she changes the impeller for the seawater intake to cool the engine. But she must admit, that Florian and Vicky helped.

A befriended boat had a small fire in the engine department and was towed into harbor by a gamefishing boat. 750 horse powers maneuvered the 39 feet long sailboat safely and easily.

After taking care of the boat, it is time to take care of the humans. So off she goes to visit a health clinic where Covid vaccination is available to the general public. Despite the high demand for vaccines on that day, her human friends made it inside the campus and were able to get a vaccination shot.