little ibex arrived in Antigua – island of the superyachts and beaches

Little ibex arrived in Antigua. Coming from Dominica health clearance only took some hours as Dominica is low on Covid cases (currently 13 active cases on the whole island). English harbor serves as Q-port and the view to the beach is relaxing after a night at sea.

Antigua is the home of world renowned events like the Antigua Charter Yacht Show, Antigua Sailing Week, Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta and the Oyster Regatta. All of them have been cancelled this year. But some classic boats and superyachts have still found their way to Antigua.

Nelson’s Dockyard is a piece of living history in the Caribbean. In the 18th century it was the base for Admiral Nelson’s fleet, and it has been beautifully renovated in the last century.

The island had many sugar farms. From most of them only ruins are left. Bettys Hope mill was nicely renovated and gives an impression how such a running farm might have looked like many years ago.