Little Ibex looks back to her time in Panama

For Little Ibex Panama was all about crossing THE canal and preparing for the big adventure of the Pacific Ocean. She really enjoyed the time in Shelter Bay, a remote marina with great infrastructure in the middle of the jungle.

In Shelter Bay she prepared for her future adventure and went shopping for groceries and new batteries. While doing so she also posted some postcards to her family, though they never arrived in Europe.

But it was not all work, she also made new friends in the jungle: coatis, monkeys and some fish. And there was some volleyball and karaoke. And yes, on purpose she does not share any pictures from the karaoke night.

Here rather some pictures of the lush green jungle around Shelter Bay where she frequently went for a stroll.

And finally, she got her ticket to cross the canal. She read the story how the canal was built (The path between the Seas by David McCullough) and first went with a friend’s catamaran through the canal, before embarking on the crossing herself. The trip through the canal took 2 days and on Lake Gatun she attached to a mooring ball that was slightly oversized.

Panama City on the other side of the canal was impressive. It was the first real city after so many months with limited infrastructure. On one side it was a treat (like getting Dim Sum to eat), on the other side she wonders who goes shopping in all these fancy stores.

Two final fun facts from her time in Panama City:
1) there are crocodiles in the city (do you find it below?)
2) they play a Mathias Schweighöfer movie on the bus from Panama City to Colon.