Little Ibex met dolphins, whales and mantas

It will be one of the highlights of Little Ibex’ journey. On her passage from Savusavu to Namena in Fiji she met a group of whales. Bravely Little Ibex jumped into the water (not an easy feat for a mountain animal) and magically she was approached by three whales.

She snorkeled also with two Manta rays. The larger one had a span width of 5-6 m and came right at her. In the last moment he magically glided down below her.

On passage Little Ibex was greeted by a school of dolphins who just could not stop jumping around the boat. It seems they wanted to communicate. Are they saying “so long, and thanks for all the fish”? Anyone speaking dolphin and can shed some light on it?

While being in Fiji Little Ibex explored some of the underwater world. Here come the fish.

And now the corals that have still plenty of color. Little Ibex even went out into the blue of the ocean in search for some hammerheads but was not successful. Well, maybe another time.