Little Ibex’ nature memories from Santa Cruz, Galapagos

The Galapagos islands are of volcanic origin and the climate at sea level is really harsh. So when Little Ibex arrived in Santa Cruz all she sees are dry bushes and cactus, some of them are even blooming.

The marine iguanas love to bake in the sun during the day. Sometimes they go for a swim to get their food. They can dive up to 15 m deep.

If you go up the mountain on Santa Cruz the landscape changes dramatically. Suddenly it is all moist and green. There are ponds with ducks swimming in them, vegetable and dairy farms. Little Ibex enjoyed the fresh dairy products including milk and cheese.

If you ask Little Ibex about her favorite land animal in the Galapagos, she will probably tell you it is the Giant Turtle. She was always a huge fan of Lonesome George (Lonesome GeorgeGalapagos Conservancy, Inc.) who was the last Pinta Island Turtle. He died in 2012 and has found his final resting place taxidermied and on display at the Galapagos National Park.

A day trip to St Bartholome gave a good impression on one of the driest islands. Only the most daring plants can survive without any soil.

But underwater, it is colorful and busy world with a lot of fish, sharks and penguins.