little ibex‘ first experience at sea

Just a day after the journey started first visitors join. Now the boat does seem smaller. But it is a lot of fun having more people on board. Many systems are tried out for the first time. Highlight of the day is the red balloon that fills with wind in front on the boat and pushes it forward. The wind is too light to make the flags move, but the parasail works perfectly fine.

the parasail works perfectly fine in light winds

After a few days around Umag it was time to spend the first long day at sea going south. The wind was light and the sea calm. A good start to grow small sea legs. Even though the trip was helped by the engine and not pure sailing.

Little IBEX was totally exhausted from the first days at sea that she has missed the first nightly departure at 4 am in the morning.

first early departure

She has neither smelled the coffee that was brewed nor heard the engine getting started. She missed how the boat glided out of the mooring buoy field and headed south into the open sea. Only at the end of the Kvarner passage she finally wakes up and sees the sun rising out of the water.

Sunrise in Croatia