little ibex speeds through Apulia- Calabria, then relaxes in Sicily

After the crossing from Dubrovnik to Bari most days and nights are spent at sea with hardly any landfalls. And although little ibex has already done three night watches on sea, she is still intrigued by the full moon in the marina at Roccella Ionica.

September 3rd started with some hours of sailing, before little ibex went through the Strait of Messina together with many large boats and experienced the force of the tidal current. Visiting the Castello di Milazzo afterwards is a well deserved change after spending so many days at sea.

The Aeolian Islands are an amazing place to just hang around and relax. Little ibex is fascinated by the smoking hot islands.

In Palermo little ibex has great company: working ship, cruise ship, ferry and a luxury Swan 82 next to her. Though, one could feel a little bit intimidated being on a 42 feet sailing vessel

Little ibex is watching a blog being born – now available for everyone to read