little ibex spends 4 very dark nights crossing the Mediterranean Sea

To get ready for the passage from Sardinia to Cartagena, Spain, little ibex is setting up the satellite phone. Then she will be ready to receive small weather data packages (less than 50kb) on the passages. But don’t even think of calling her. It would cost you more than 20 EUR per minute.

She also prepares some food for the passage and gets help kneading bread. Let’s see the next days how it tastes.

Little ibex just learnt that when preparing a passage, it is helpful to check the moon as well. An ocean crossing at new moon makes the wave appear a lot higher at night. And she still wonders why the big tanker ship decided to go between the two sailing boats in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea? Whatever the reason is, she sure monitors the situation closely; being at sea sleep seems to be overrated anyway, right?

A very special moment: little ibex is entering into the world west of Greenwich