Surfing through the Strait of Gibraltar and her way to the Canary Islands

Little ibex did a lot of weather scouting and tide calculation to find the perfect day to go against the main current through the Strait of Gibraltar. Finally, the day is here! At dawn she turns her back on Gibraltar and all its cargo ships. Together with her fellow Austrian’s from Inaya she sets out through the Strait. And her calculation was just right. The tide on the Northern edge of the Strait pushes her into the Atlantic Sea.

And there it is – the Atlantic. With the wind from behind she moves mile after mile closer to the Canary Islands. The first night was a little bit rough with more wind and waves than expected, but then it became a smooth downwind sail. 100nm, 200 nm, 300 nm, 666 nm … and all of it under sails. Just working all these lines is a little bit tough for a small ibex. Is anyone interested in stopping by and supporting little ibex cleaning up the mess before she heads into Las Palmas?