little ibex explores St Lucia’s nature

Little ibex crossed the Atlantic and is now ready to explore the nature of St Lucia. Being a mountain animal, her first hike goes to the Petit Piton in the south of the island. It is more of a climb than a hike. Together with Marlon Brando, a local guide, and Christian, a fellow sailor, she enjoys a baking hot day on the mountain.

After the hot climb, the next hike goes into the lush green of the rain forest and to refreshing waterfalls. Her new friend Marlon joins her as well.

Little ibex is impressed to see all the fruits and vegetables she knows from the supermarket still hanging on trees. She even buys dasheen and cabbage from a local farmer. And not to forget the freshly cut coconut she drinks.

Yes, she meets also all kind of animals: pigs at the beach, grasshoppers made out of palm leaves and not to forget the cow who lives at freedom bay.