little ibex goes French – fourth stop Deshaies

Little ibex had a good sail from Marie Galante to Deshaies on Basse Terre. She arrives in a quiet anchor field. Normally a full bay with up to 80 boats, only about 30 boats are located in the bay.

After exploring the town, the first excursion goes to the large botanical garden one mile uphill from town. It has about a thousand species of plants as well as rivers, lorikeets, macaws and flamingos.

Next came an adventure hike on a path less traveled. It was so less travelled that it ended eventually, and little ibex was not able to see where the path would go on. Rainforest has taken over!!

Another hike went across Le Gros Morne to one of the longest beaches. And little ibex had the beach to herself. Good that there was a food court in the middle of the jungle behind the beach where she could refill her energy after the walk.