little ibex goes French – fifth stop Pigeon Island, Basse Terre and La Soufriere, Guadeloupe

When anchoring in Malendure little ibex accesses the famous Jacques Cousteau Underwater Reserve. She watches others go diving (it is just not her thing). Below you can see how the dinghy is being tied up to a line between land and a buoy. Little ibex enjoys the view onto Pigeon Island.

Little ibex moved on to Basse Terre, the capital of Guadeloupe. She strolls around town and takes a lot of pictures.

Fort Louis Delgrès, named after an upper class military man who fought for the liberation of slaves, has been partially reconstructed and is worth a visit.

At night she enjoys the smooth rocking of the boat in the anchorage outside of town, while she keeps exploring the area during day.

Hiking La Sourfriere is of course a must do for little ibex. It starts with a paved pathway and becomes narrower and narrower. Unfortunately the clouds really love this high peak and it rains, and rains, and rains, and rains, …

Next, she will hire a car and explore other parts of the island.