Little ibex shares pictures from Dominica (part 1)

Entering Dominica the coast guard welcomes you right away and reminds you that you have to undergo a 7 day quarantine. It was the first one little ibex had to undergo since leaving Italy in August 2020. She has prepared a long list of to-dos like cleaning the hull and the lines for the anchor buoy. But she also enjoyed herself eating pancakes, baking bread, hanging around in the hammock, watching sunsets and rainbows and not to forget, she watched the superbowl.

She also made sure that the anchor was holding with windspeeds up to 38 knots. Even the normally calm bay was choppy in that wind.

After 7 days and two negative PCR tests little ibex could leave quarantine and explored the island. You can find more about her tours to the red rock, chocolate factory, countless waterfalls and a beautiful gorge in this blog entry.

Little ibex had a great hike on the path to the boiling lake trail. Too bad it started to rain so heavily that she was not able to walk all the way. But you can find more pictures in this blog entry.