Little ibex quarantines in Tyrell Bay, Grenada

Little ibex is happily sailing in 25 kn of wind from St Vincent and the Grenadines to Carriacou, Grenada. She is in the 2nd reef in and still doing 7- 8 knots. Arriving in Tyrell Bay she needs to remain in quarantine until the entry PCR results are available. But colorful sunsets make the wait really easy.

She feels welcome in Grenada. Benches invite to sit down and relax and buildings are quite colorful.

Paradise beach is one of the nicest beaches on Carriacou. Sailors love to hang out there and leave their mark by painting their boat names on a piece of wood.

Exploring the island also means hiking up a hill and walking to the beach. This time she followed the turtle up the mountain and the conches to the sea. Interesting signposts.

Before she leaves she heads underwater to greet fish and lobsters.