Little Ibex shares summer impressions

Little Ibex spend her summer on the boat in Clarke’s Court Boatyard & Marina. To fight the humidity, she had a dehumidifier on board, but unfortunately no air-condition. The spot is well protected from the wind (good in case a hurricane hits the area), but this means it is really, really hot.

Over summer she received a lot of greetings from her friends and crew in Europe. They all seem to miss her: the cows and sheep living in the neighborhood as well as on the mountains, the swans and even the spiders and beetles send their best regards.

Meanwhile her crew enjoyed summer in the cool European climate. They went for walks along the riverbank in the fresh air, observed the sky and its clouds, hand an exciting short car ride and even went to a Romanian wedding. And they were busy harvesting garden products.

And as always there were many hikes in the mountains in Germany, Austria and Italy. Here some pictures from Karleskopf.

And from Roter Stein

And from hiking in Italy

Looking at all the pictures, Little Ibex wonders why she has decided to stay in Grenada. Maybe she will do it differently next year.