Little Ibex‘ crew has finally arrived in Grenada

Little Ibex enjoyed the warm summer in Grenada, but in the end, she was very much looking forward to her crew coming back and bringing the boat back into the water. She must admit, it was hotter and more humid than expected. She was constantly looking out the window, waiting for their arrival. Finally, they were back – bringing beside their personal luggage also 3 bags of boat related items.

The next 10 days were dedicated to boat work – from new anti-fouling to maintaining winches and stepping the mast. In the end more than 160 items were crossed off the to-do-list.

And then the day came, and Ibex was slipped back into the water. After more than 3 months on the hard, it was an amazing feeling to be back on the water. But being tied up in the marina was not enough. It was time for the first sail – around the south-west side of Grenada to the mooring field in front of St George.

Now that the boat was ready for season two, she did a last hike before leaving Grenada. Up to Mount Qua Qua together with her crazy English friends who got never tired of hiking her. It was exhausting, but it as good fun and the view was well worth the effort.

Little Ibex enjoyed her last days in Grenada. She strolled around St George, sipped cocktails in the Le Phare Bleu marina, ate from Vicky’s birthday cake (thank you Weyve!!) and said good-bye to her ARC+ friends.

And now her second sailing season starts. She can’t wait to find out what it will bring.