Little Ibex goes to Bonaire – a Caribbean part of the Netherlands

Little Ibex always wanted to visit the ABC islands. Originally, she planned to go to Curacao and Aruba, but changed her mind after talking to other sailors and went to Bonaire instead. And what an arrival it was.

She arrived in the early morning hours together with “Mein Schiff 2” – a German cruise ship, that just crossed her path on her way to the marina. It was the first active cruise ship she saw after leaving Italy in August 2021. Very fast she realized that Bonaire is very popular with cruise ships.

Her favorite cruise ship was the Royal Clipper, a five-masted fully rigged tall ship. Her design was based on the Preussen, a famous German five-mast windjammer from 1902. With 5,202 square metres of sail, she is the largest square-rigged ship in service and can carry up to 227 passengers. If she ever considers a luxury cruise, this is the ship to go. The Royal Clipper left Bonaire at night under sail. What an impressive sight!

After the quietness of Los Roques, the available infrastructure in Bonaire was shocking. Restaurants in abundance, houses are beautiful and well maintained and there seems to be nothing you are not able to get in the supermarket. While some Caribbean islands have not dairy products at all, here you have a long wall with cheese products.

Bonaire is a diver’s paradise with a large marine park and natural habitat for American flamingos. So of course, Little Ibex spend a whole day just greeting as many flamingos as possible. And some other birds, iguanas, and so on.

And finally, she explored the south and east side of the island with a mountain bike. No, she did not pedal herself, but let Florian and Vicky do the job. It was hard work to cycle in the burning sun without and wind. But the cactus seem to like the climate.

And it is great for large salt productions through evaporating seawater in giant pond and pool systems.