Little Ibex is in diver’s paradise

Bonaire defines itself as diver’s paradise and even puts this claim on its license plates. But it is true? Is it really a good place to dive? Let’s check it out!

In Bonaire anchoring is not allowed in order not to damage the coral reef which go all around Bonaire and Klein Bonaire. Therefore, Little Ibex is on a mooring buoy in front of Bonaire’s capital Kralendijk. Just about 50 m from the shore the coral reef starts. Hence, her first dive is directly from the boat to explore the reef at 10 – 20 m depths.

Many tourists come to this Dutch island for diving only. They stay in an apartment, rent a truck and do shore dive after shore dive. This is only possible, because the reef goes all around the island. There are more than 50 dive sites that can easily be accessed from shore. They are marked with yellow stones along the road so divers can easily find them. On the really good spots, like at the salt peer, it is not unusual to see more than 20 truck.

Bonaire has a very special monthly phenomenon. If you dive a few days after full moon just after sun set, you can enter a magic land. Just sit in about 8 m depth in the sand around soft corrals and wait for a sensational light show to begin. Ostracods (tiny little sea shrimps) start their mating rituals with bioluminescent vomit which looks like you are surrounded by thousands of fireflies. Little Ibex was very impressed by this truly magic sight, which you cannot capture with a normal underwater camera. Check out this video and article. Too bad it ends after only 20 min.

During her stay in Bonaire Little Ibex did also dives around Klein Bonaire. There she also met a rarely seen frog fish. Look for the yellow fellow in the middle of the picture!

And if you want some more underwater pictures, feel free to scoll through the pictures below.