Little Ibex’ most wonderful memories from Isabela, Galapagos

Isabela was the Galapagos island Little Ibex liked best. Puerto Villamil, the main village on Isabela with less than 2,000 inhabitants, is located at a beautiful long beach including the beach bars. The ideal place lying in the hammock and enjoying a sundowner.

Charles Darwin published large parts of his evolution theory based on the birds he has encountered in the Galapagos. Even though flamingos where not his main research object, they are still pretty to watch.

Isabela has also quite a lot of wild roaming Giant Turtles. It is hard to imagine that seafarers in old times collected thousands of these creatures to take them along as food reserve. Nowadays breeding programs are in place to ensure the survival of all remaining Giant Turtle species.

Walking around and seeing all the reptiles on the Galapagos Little Ibex feels like she is catapulted back a few million years when reptiles ruled the world as most of the animals here are reptiles.

No visit would be complete without meeting the sea animals. Unfortunately, Little Ibex made not pictures of the hammerhead sharks she met but find some black tip shark pics below. She also took some pictures of the pinguins before they waved goodbye and swam away.

If you read the blog entries on Galapagos until here, you are obviously enjoying nature or the Galapagos Islands. Hence Little Ibex recommends you to read “The Galapagos” by Henry Nicholls. It is a fascinating read on the creation of the islands and how animals arrived, survived, and evolved here. 

The Galapagos – Henry Nicholls