Fakarava: an atoll Little Ibex finds just magical

May 2022 – There is so much to show and tell about Fakarava, one of the biggest atolls in the Tuamotos. She could present the landscape, the beaches, the palm trees, the two entry passes into the atoll, the fish including hundreds of sharks, the provisioning opportunities or just the colors nature paints at day or night.

Where to start? Maybe some land impressions?

Hint: for the real magical picture scroll to the bottom of this entry

Or rather the fish that are around?

Or the buildings she found on the island? See the ornament in the church made out of sea shells?

Or provisioning? Not a lot can grow on this sandy atoll. So everyone is running to the dock when the supply ship arrives. Shops have finally fresh fruits and vegetables again. Little Ibex even found some water and apple juice from back home!!

And then there is the underwater world. Little Ibex has never ever seen so many reef sharks before. Hundreds of them are waiting in the pass to push the fish through the small opening in the atoll. Very hard to capure on pictures.

And the best for last: the colors of Fakarava. No filter needed.